Donovan Hines Foundation of Exuberance

Founded by Brenda Hines

A Lotus flower in blue and purple sits over the words: Donovan Hines Foundation of Exuberance.

Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund

Founded by Janice M Gorden

Text in cursive: Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund. A grey dove holds a green olive branch above the first V.

Peace Garden Project MKE

Founded by Camille Mays

A black peace sign is the base for a circle of people holding hands. The people have varied shapes and colors but stand in unity.

Loved and Lost Corporation

Founded by Colette Shumpert

Loved and Lost Corporation Logo. A heart with a compass in the center. Waves swirl around, and orange wind-blown leaves are at the edges.

Mothers Against Gun Violence

Founded by Debra Gillispie

Text: Mothers Against Gun Violence. The first Letter of each word is purple, except for the first letter of the word against, which is orange. Below the text is an image. The V and A overlay each other in purple and orange with the M and G on either side.

Mother’s Against Gun Violence

Founded by Marna Winbush

Butterfly’s Sacred Journey

Founded by Laporche Kimber

A woman in a blue blazer and statement necklace looks into the camera. Behind her a man stands with wings, like an angel. In front of them is a monarch butterfly

Mothers for Justice United

Founded by Maria Hamilton

Two hands are next to each other spread open, as in offering. Two more hands rise up out of the palms and grasp each other in solidarity. Image in black and white.

Roberts Way Incorporated

Founded by Gloria Nichols

A red hand with wings holds the black outline of a heart. Text: Robert's a change is coming

Stop the Violence: 53206

Founded by Trinika Walker

An image of Milwaukee as shown by the lake is in the background. In the foreground there is a large red handprint in the middle, surrounded by the words: Stop the Violence Milwaukee