Butterfly’s Sacred Struggle

Founded by LaPorche Kimber

Donovan Hines Foundation of Exuberance

Founded by Brenda Hines

JOHAN Hopes: Journey of Hope Advocacy & Nurturing

Founded by Jasmine M Moore

Loved and Lost Corporation

Founded by Colette Shumpert

Mothers Against Gun Violence

Founded by Debra Gillispie

Mother’s Against Gun Violence

Founded by Marna Winbush

Mothers for Justice United

Founded by Maria Hamilton

Black and white image of hands holding and supporting each other. It is the Mothers United for Justice United logo.

Peace Garden Project MKE

Founded by Camille Mays

Peace sign surrounded by colorful silhouettes of people holding hands. It is the Peace Garden Project Milwaukee logo.

Roberts Way Incorporated

Founded by Gloria Nichols

Stop the Violence: 53206

Founded by Trinika Walker

Image of a red handprint in front of an image of Milwaukee's skyline. Text overlay says, "Stop the Violence Milwaukee."

Victims of Milwaukee Violence Burial Fund

Founded by Janice M Gorden