Gun violence is a crisis in Wisconsin and in our country. Gun violence is preventable, and you are part of the solution.

There are many ways you can help reduce gun violence:

Latest Online Actions

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Close the Domestic Violence Loophole

An oversight in Wisconsin law makes it extremely difficult to disarm domestic abusers. Show your support for victims and survivors of abuse by telling your legislators to close this loophole.

Photo of the Wisconsin Capitol Building

Ask Your State Legislators to Support Stronger Gun Laws

A package of gun violence prevention laws has been introduced in the state legislature: universal background checks, an extreme risk law, and a tax incentive for safe storage devices. Find out where your legislators stand on these measures, and tell them how you feel.

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Sign Jennifer’s Petition to Wisconsin’s Legislature Urging the Passage of an Extreme Risk Law

If passed, the law would let family members petition the courts to temporarily restrict a person’s access to firearms if they are at high risk of violence.

Say No to Guns in Schools

A small group of legislators continues to introduce bills that would put guns on school campuses, in spite of the wishes of students, teachers, and the public. Keep our children safe; keep guns away from our schools.

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