#WAVEOfHope – WAVE Day of Giving

A Message From Our Executive Director

Greetings and welcome to our WAVE of Hope!

Here’s a truth: We all need hope. We all need to believe and trust that what we desire will happen.

Our ability to hope has been tested in recent years. What we’ve witnessed is a series of coordinated lies and disinformation campaigns that can make hope feel elusive. There has been a disinformation campaign around the pandemic and specifically around vaccines. There has been another disinformation campaign espousing false claims of rigged elections and election fraud. We can see the direct line between these lies and the harm they have caused. People were injured or killed during the January 6th insurrection. Thousands of people have unnecessarily died because of lies related to the vaccines.

In the gun violence prevention movement, we have been dealing with a lethal disinformation campaign for decades. This one is centered on the false premise that guns make us safer, when, in fact, we know from research, evidence and experience that the opposite is true. To us, this is the Big Lie. It was created and pushed out by the greed-driven, power-hungry pro gun lobby and their gun industry allies. And this lie, too, has caused incalculable harm to the citizens of our state and our country.

Being up against a well-financed, powerful adversary, year after year, could be discouraging. But here’s another truth: we aren’t discouraged at all. We know that we will overcome all obstacles and succeed because history teaches us that, ultimately, hard work and truth will prevail. 

That belief, that trust, indeed, that hope is what feeds our work. It is our secret sauce, which is made by mixing together the enthusiasm of the youth with whom we work; the we-can-do-this-together commitment of our partners; and the support of caring, generous supporters across the state.

We thank you for the many ways you lift us up. And, today, we urge you to check our Facebook page often for fresh, inspiring content, which is our way of giving back to you.

Together, we’ll keep hope alive and thriving! 

~ Jeri Bonavia

Thank you so much to our 2021 WAVE of Hope sponsor!

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