WAVE Opposes Guns in Schools

During the 2015-2016 legislative session a bill was introduced that would have forced K-12 schools in Wisconsin to allow everyday citizens to carry concealed weapons onto school grounds and, potentially, inside classrooms.

Given that Wisconsin has some of the lowest safety training requirements in the country for obtaining a concealed carry permit, permit holders are not necessarily highly trained or law abiding. In fact, just about anyone, including people with a history of misdemeanor violent offenses and people who have never fired a gun, can receive a permit.

Allowing private citizens to carry guns in schools puts our students and teachers at greater risk.

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What you should know about guns in schools

Additional Resources

1.The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has complied a detailed package of resources about the dangers of legislation that forces guns onto college and K-12 campuses.

2. In 2014, and again in 2017, the Wisconsin Association of School Boards passed a resolution opposing any legislative efforts to allow individuals to carry guns in Wisconsin schools.

3. Center For American Progress has published a comprehensive document on Keeping Wisconsin Schools and Campuses Safe